Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews of Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews of Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners


Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews of Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners


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Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews of Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners


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robot vacuum cleaner cleans everything without the interaction of humans. With automatic operating conditions, it not only saves a lot of time and energy, but is also prompt and neat in its action.

robotic-hooverWhat is a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

Robot vacuums are compact third generation devices that can perform all the cleaning tasks alone by navigating through the space, removing obstacles and vacuuming the floor effectively either with pre-programmed schedule or automatically.

The Robot hoover was invented due to the people’s increasing lack of time and need of a device that can operate on its own. Secondly, the job of cleaning is considered mundane and is mostly avoided.

Hence, a robotic hoover makes it all possible to skip the task of cleaning, as well as keep the house neat and clean.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews:


Roomba iRobot 560

Roomba is a very popular brand in UK for manufacturing top quality robot hoovers. The hoovers start operating at the light touch of intelligent sensing system. They can detect approaching walls and obstacles.

They can navigate on their own, moping and sweeping the floor with rotating brushes and vacuum. They can even clean the dark corners, as they are equipped with lights.

The hoovers under this brand have both dry and wet option for effective cleaning. They are powered with Swiffer pads and do a great job by grabbing the fuzzy things, dirt, dust, etc. They can also wash things in their in-built washer.

Though, they are designed to move quite swiftly, they are very noisy.

Pros: Effective performance for great cleaning, Intelligent technology for smart vacuuming and has Push start for hassle free operation.

Cons: Need a lot of maintenance.


Eletrolux Trilobite spot cleaning vacuum   

An Electrolux Robot hoover has both bag and bagless dust containers. They use sonar for easy navigation. These units are intelligent enough to map the rooms to know the route.

They move across the floor in a zigzag fashion, cleaning every corner effectively. These rechargeable units are great for swift and easy cleaning.

Good: Great cleaning performance per price ratio, Compact unit for easy storage and has Large 1.2 dust container for less frequent emptying.

Bad: Does not have hygienic cleaning HEPA filter and No fragrance diffuser that filters unpleasant smells


Samsung NaviBot 1/2 Robotic Technology       

Samsung robot vacuum, though relatively new in this arena, has created quite a few remarkable models. These robotic hoovers are mostly bagless, owing to their small and compact structure. Some of them are devoid of fragrance diffuser, but most of them are equipped with HEPA filter for greater cleaning efficiency.

With variable power and noise level below 73 decibels, these robotic cleaners are rechargeable.

Benefits: has HEPA filter for hygienic cleaning and Low level of noise for quiet operation.

Downsides: Low dust storage space which calls for frequent emptying and absence of fragrance diffuser in some models.

Are Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Any Good?

robot-vacuum-cleanersRobotic cleaners are highly useful and invaluable to the busy people. They are designed in a way that can be scheduled to clean when you are off at work. Although the suction power is usually poorer than the heavy duty manual ones, they have other added features that are absent in the manual ones.

You can register in it, the part of the room you want it to clean over and over again. The best part of these cleaners is that the result achieved is far more efficient than the manual ones. These vacuums are equipped with artificial senses to detect any upcoming obstacle.

The cleaners can disengage themselves from the tangle of wires, dodge door bars and adjust levels of rooms. They do not go about upsetting things, giving rise to a mess.

How Do Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Work?

How a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner works - 

The vacuums are compounded with innovative cleaning, hi-tech navigating and Radio Frequency Identification Technology. They are guarded with rubber bumpers that protect them from running into sustainable damages.

The best robot vacuums are incorporated with infrared sensorsthat alarm them about obstacles and allow them to change directions automatically.

Presented with cleaning heads that are self adjusting, the cleaners can sense the kind of façade it is cleaning and adjust the vacuum settings automatically. They can, thus clean debris and dirt from hard floors and carpets with ease.

They can easily get under couches and beds for intensive cleaning. Some of them can be programmed to return to their charging base, when they are out of battery.

A few robotic cleaners can be programmed to store and made toremember the path they need to follow. Even wheel sensors are present to ensure them from falling off the ledge or rolling off the stairs.

Final Thoughts on Buying Robot Vacuum Cleaners:

While a robotic vacuum is high on utility value and performance, they can also save a lot of time. They are designed with smart, ergonomic and intelligent technology that aptly meets the needs of the users.

Though quite pricy owing to their cutting edge expertise, robotic cleaners make a good purchase for people with a verybusy and tiring schedule.

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